How To Approach Tricky Riddles

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Riddles can be very interesting if you like them and start finding the logic behind them. Riddles have been in the world since the time when kings used to rule different parts of the world. Now you know how old these tricky riddles are. These puzzles are great to pass the time and exercise your brain to increase the limitations of thinking

But the thing is, these puzzles are not as easy as they seem to be. They need a high IQ level and knowledge and understanding ability for any particular situation given. The most important is how you approach the riddle given. If in the first step itself you made it hard, it will be impossible to be solved.

The correct approach is required and below given are some steps to approach tricky riddles so that you can solve then faster and in an easier way.

1.    Think about the question

When the very first time you see or listen to the question, do not rush for the first answer or logic that comes in your mind. Be wise enough to make a frame of the question and then make a plan. Take some time to consider what the question really means to say.

2.    Clarification

Be sure that you have understood the question before solving it. In case you are not able to understand the riddle at any point, consider asking or reading it again before answering it. Misunderstanding can lead you to the wrong answer. Therefore, clarification is very important.

3.    Follow through logically

After you have made the structure of a riddle and have understood it completely, you need to go through the information logically. Logically means any possible logic. It does not need to be scientifically proven or authenticate.


In order to solve tricky riddles, do consider the above-provided approach. We are sure that you will not be disappointed with the answer if you use the brain with the right approach.