Best seven vaccines for our body to prevent ourselves from disease

Many people love to go around different places of the world on their vacations, but some of them end up having health issues. So it is necessary to know about the travel vaccinations online that prevents bacteria from entering our body and from consulting a doctor before taking travel vaccines. Vaccines are the best way to improve our immune system and prevent bacterial infections.

Let’s talk about these top 7 vaccinations for our body while going for different locations.

  • Vivotif Oral

This vaccine is a live attenuated vaccine and is given for typhoid. This vaccine should be given at least two weeks before going on vacations at different locations.

  • Mosquirix

This vaccine is given to the patient who is infected by malaria. Another name of the vaccine is RTS, S.

  • Imovax

This vaccine is used when a dog bites someone. This vaccine is given on alternate days like, on 3rd, 7th, and 15th.

  • YF-VAX

This vaccine is given to that patient who is infected by yellow fever. Yellow fever is caused when an infected mosquito bites him/her.

  • Dukoral

This vaccine is given to the patient suffering from severe watery diarrhea. This disease is caused by contaminated food and water.

  • Serogroup B meningococcal

This vaccine is given to the patient suffering from meningitis. Meningitis damages brain and Spinal cord.

  • JE-VAX

This vaccine is given to the patient suffering from Japanese encephalitis. The virus is caused by a flavivirus which comes from biting of an infected mosquito.

These all are the necessary vaccines to take before going on different locations on vacations. Before choosing a vaccine, we need to know about these travel vaccinations online and to consult a doctor which vaccine suits best for our body.

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