Have you ever heard the features of ESTA visa program for the US?

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ESTA is termed as the electronic system for travel Authorization which is program designs for the people of the United Kingdom to various cities of the US. It is the most relevant program that can be used by the citizens of the UK to travel without any hassle for a short time. The various details of the program are available on the website, esta gov.uk. Org. There is a particular guideline that is to be followed, but only if you are compatible with the terms of this program, you can get the visa by sitting at your home.

Various facts you should know about ESTA

  • You can get the travel to any city of US such as California, Los Angeles, or Washington, including Hawaii. There is no restriction on any of the state you want to visit in the US within the time of 90 days.
  • The best thing is that the actual visa on your passport will be valid for two years at any time when you want but cannot stay for more than three months. It is complicated to get the US visa through the embassy, but ESTA is a very convenient program that can provide you a permit in a very active period.
  • To start your application process, you have to be compatible with some guidelines and rules issued by the homeland security officers. The application form is readily available on the website of the official website of the ESTA UK.
  • The ESTA program uses the E-Passport in which it can get the detailed information of the applicant by scanning the chip equipped on the passport. They also use the facial recognition tool to ensure the identity of the individuals.
  • You do not have to be in a long waiting line for getting your passport inspected by the officials, and the visas are machine-readable.