Creating a disposable email for avoiding spam messages

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Nowadays, not a single website is free from spammers. The biggest blog website World Wide

web is also not free from the spammers. The content on this website can also get stolen. The only way to keep your data safe and confidential is by creating a temporary email address which is known as disposable email. There is a huge loss bear by the users because of their identity get stolen. For protecting it frombeing stolen, use these temporary emails. One thing you can do to remove spam messages from your email is to select them individually and then delete it one by one. This is a waste of time and your efforts also. Instead of using this method, you can use a disposable email. They will be more helpful in resolving this problem.

What are the ways of creating these temporary emails?

To create a temporary email, you have to follow these few steps.

· Firstly, click on the settings icon on your personal computer or laptop

· Then, click on the more settings option

· Click on the mailboxes present out there

· Now, click on the next icon to the disposable email address

· Click on the add button

· After clicking on the add button, enter a keyword

· Write the sender’s name and about the information of the user

· Now save all information

The disposable email will help the user to keep their personal information confidential and safe. You can also use the anti-spam system to avoid messages from the spammers. As these emails can be created and be destroyed at any time or want. It can be deleted after the accomplishment of the work for which the temporary email has been made by the user. Even some user does not like the disposable email, but these are the best option to get rid of spam messages.