What is e-commerce?

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It is also known as electronic commerce or online commerce; it refers to shopping and selling products on the internet. E-commerce is generally known as the sale of physical product online. But it can also define as a kind of commercial transaction through the internet. it gives 명품 in the shopping for the shopper

However e-business refers to the operating aspect through the internet only, but e-commerce refers only to the buying and selling services of the goods

History of e-commerce

It begins with the first online sale in the year 1994. A cd is sold through this process an American retail platform claims it. It is the first ever example of a consumer who buys the cd online and now it becomes the most significant shopping market in the world. It also becomes an excellent luxury for shopping.

By the end of the year 2020 the retail sales are projects to reach $27 trillion. Through this, we can understand the need for that market in the world nowadays.

Various e-commerce sites and their  payment methods–

There is a vast increase in the no. of online shopping sites on the internet. Many prefer to go online for the the product they want to buy. Amazon flip kart are some famous e commerce sites. These sites come with many payment modes like

1. c.o.d- in this type of payment mode you need to select the item and then order it afterward the will reach yours in few days and at the delivery point you need to give the money.

2. Online payment- in this mode you can give the money for the product by an online transaction. After the amount, your product reaches your home in a few days by courier.

Credit card payment-

In this, you can pay for the item even if you don’t have money in the account you can pay after some time with little interest.